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Wood shavings bagger to make bags anywhere from 3.0, 5.0, 7.0 or any custom size. Bag production is up to 2 bags a minute, 25 hp hydraulic power pack. Comes with control panel box, all electrical with main and through the door on/off switch. Only requires a 4-wire hook-up!!

Automatic Heat Sealing Bagger

Automatic heat sealing bagger can produce 2-3 bags per minute. Options include hold bin for storage and augers to feed automatically.

Jumbo Bagger

Hutto Wood Products' Jumbo Shavings Bagger is HERE!! Produce, Sell, and Profit in BULK with the 70 cubic foot reusable bag. Built to fit any operation! Hutto Shavings Mill + Jumbo Bagger = Succesful Shavings Company!

Shavings Bin

Custom built to help keep production up and labor down! Green shaving holding bin to feed dryer or bagger. Comes with built in agitator, self leveling auger, and will unload itself.

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